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New Year Eve Dinner

Another year has gone by, with its ups and downs, new friends who became good friends and some good friends who became acquaintances; some disappointments and some achievements

With this New Year come new expectations. New dreams to be fulfilled.

One of my New Year resolutions is to cook healthier for myself and my family. Not that I am going to stop baking cakes and breads or stop cooking pasta and potatoes but I will try to keep them as healthy as possible and indulge rarely. Plus, I am going to put up a TO MAKE list on my blog, of things that I have always wanted to cook but always keep putting off.

So for my first resolution, I and my Dad cooked a very healthy Indian vegetarian dinner for the New Year’s Eve.  Who says Indian food needs to be heavily spiced, full of oil/ghee and cream to make it taste good? A few modifications here and there we had a delicious dinner sans the guilt.

The main course was:

Baked Cabbage Kofta curry

Palak Paneer (done a little differently and we made the paneer at home)

Cumin potatoes


Pea Pilaf with sautéed vegetables

I will be posting the recipes here on the blog soon.