My culinary to make list for the year 2013.

Other than the things that I will cook I want to tackle the following before this year ends. I come across recipes and think of ideas that I want to use in the future but end up forgetting them.

This list will serve as a reminder as well as a deadline.

I will strike out the dishes that I complete along the way.

I would request anybody and everybody to suggest dishes to add to this list.

  1. Bagels (Made them once before but need to improve)
  2. Pavlova/Eton mess (Easy dessert but just never got around to making it)
  3. Chicken satay (Quite simple but somehow never made it)
  4. Fresh pasta
  5. Lahmacun
  6. Sweet souffle
  7. Savory souffle
  8. Tiramisu (completely from scratch including mascarpone and savoiardi)
  9. Eggless dinner rolls
  10. Sorbet
  11. Chocolate Delice (Masterchef Australia)
  12. Puff pastry (Have made it twice before but still not confident)
  13. Finding a Go-to pound cake recipe
  14. Go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies
  15. Go-to recipe for a bread loaf
  16. Shrewsburry biscuits
  17. Churros
  18. Doughnuts
  19. Pretzels
  20. Fish En papillote

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